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Disclosure Policy

  1. Basic Stance on Disclosure of Corporate Information

    We are committed to the timely and appropriate disclosure of important information and other relevant information that may have an impact on investment decisions in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the stock exchanges, with the aim of providing a better understanding of the Group to our shareholders, investors, local communities, and all other stakeholders.

  2. Department in charge of corporate information management and disclosure

    The General Manager of the General Accounting and Control Division oversees the management of information in accordance with the Company's "Internal Information Management Regulations" and is responsible for the timely disclosure of corporate information.

  3. Management System for Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information
    1. In accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the stock exchanges, and the Company's "Internal Information Management Regulations," important decisions, important occurrences, and information related to the settlement of accounts pertaining to the Company (including its subsidiaries) are reported by the department in charge to the General Manager of the General Accounting and Control Division. The Management Meeting then discusses the information and determines whether or not it falls under the scope of the timely disclosure rules. If the information is applicable, the department holding the relevant information, related departments, related subsidiaries, as well as related employees, etc., are required to thoroughly manage the relevant information in order to prevent insider trading.
    2. Information regarding important decisions and financial results is promptly disclosed in a timely manner through the person in charge of information disclosure (General Manager of the General Accounting and Control Division) after a resolution is passed at a meeting of the Board of Directors, and is also posted on the Company's website for the purpose of publicizing the information.
    3. Information on important occurrences is reported to the General Manager of the General Accounting and Control Division as soon as it arises in each division (including subsidiaries), and after discussion at the Management Meeting, it is reported and approved at the nearest Board of Directors meeting.
    4. In the same way as above, we actively disclose and announce corporate information that is not required to be disclosed under the timely disclosure rules, but is judged to have an impact on investors' decisions and transactions with customers.
    5. Securities reports, quarterly reports, and other reporting documents based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act are disclosed and made available to the public at the Finance Bureau and stock exchanges after being submitted to the Finance Bureau in the same manner as above, and are also posted on our website.
  4. Quiet Period

    In order to prevent the leakage of financial information and ensure fairness, the Company Group designates the period from the day after the settlement date to the day of the announcement of financial results as a quiet period and refrains from answering questions or making comments on financial results in principle. However, in the event that it becomes clear during this quiet period that the Company will deviate significantly from its earnings forecasts, the Company will disclose information in an appropriate manner.

  5. Disclaimer
    1. Information disclosed that is not a historical fact is a forecast of future business performance, etc., and is based on judgments and assumptions made based on information available at the time of disclosure.
      It should be noted that actual results may differ significantly from the forecasts due to changes in the external environment, such as economic conditions, and various uncertain factors.
    2. Although we pay close attention to the content of the disclosed information, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the content of the disclosed information or the content of the linked information. In addition, please be aware that our group will not be held responsible for any damage caused by downloading data.
    3. The disclosed information is intended to deepen your understanding of our group and is not intended as a solicitation for investment. Any investment decisions should be made at your own discretion and responsibility.
  6. Changes to the Basic Policy on Disclosure of Information and Disclosed Information
    1. Please be aware that the Company Group may change the disclosed information without prior notice.
    2. The Company Group reserves the right to review this Basic Policy on Disclosure of Information from time to time and to change the contents without prior notice.